Did you know #1: More than 60% of today’s modern drugs have herbal origin.

Want examples? Read on to see how many of these well-known drugs that you know of, are actually herbal in origin –

The Anticholinergic used in a wide variety of ailments comes from Atropa belladonna plant.

This preferred Bronchodilator and diuretic drug is the active principle of Theobroma cacao, alongwith Theobromine, another lesser effective bronchodilator.

The chief anti-parkinsons drug is a derivative from Mucuna pruriens, which has been used for the same purpose in traditional medicine since thousands of years.

Digitalin, digoxin
The first line cardiostimulants used in several cardiac conditions are the natural and synthetic derivatives respectively, of Digitalis purpura leaf extract.

Morphine and Codeine
These potent painkillers are the natural and synthetic derivatives respectively, of the poppy seed (opium) extract.

Parasympathomimetic used in various conditions comes from Pilocarpus jaborandi.

The common Anti malarial is the active constituent of Cinchona ledgeriana.

This useful Anti arrhythmic is also a constituent of Cinchona ledgeriana.

The common CNS Stimulant is the main ingredient found in Strychnos nux vomica seeds and used widely in several systems of medicine including Ayurveda, Homeopathy, TCM and Siddha.

This Sedative cum tranquilizer comes from Datura indica.

The common topical Anti fungal is a major constituent in Thymus vulgaris.

The prime Skeletal muscle relaxant drug was originally isolated from Chondodendron tomentosum.

Vinblastine, Vincristine
The potent Anti tumor, Anti leukamic agents are actually  natural derivatives extracted from Caxtharanthus roseus (Madagascar periwinkle).

This Antihypertensive and tranquilizer found in Rauvolfia serpentina has been the .mainstay of antihypertensive treatment for millenniums, and still used in long term therapy.

The prime Anti tumor agent is extracted from Taxus brevifolia.

The potent CNS stimulant is an active constituent from Vinca minor.

The common Cardiotonic is found in Adonis vernalis.

This drug having a wide variety of uses such as Anti tumor and anti gout agent, is the naturally found main active constituent of Colchicum autumnale.

And the list goes on and on and on ……


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