Off-beat Post of the Week: My self-composed poem!

I’m not much of a poet, but this one simply sprouted out of nowhere in my mind, while I was starting to get bored of a weekend lengthened by a national holiday on Monday. Hope that you enjoy it as a change from the regular medicinal stuff.

Walk, if you can but walk;
Run, if you can but run;
Until the final task is done,
Until the last race is won.
Do anything under the Sun,
Just keep pushing on with it!

Zoom past or go rumbling,
Slide smoothly or go tumbling,
In war-cries and curses, swearing, grumbling,
Or in litanies and verses, quietly mumbling,
Real is the hardwork, not luck, nor gambling;
Just keep pushing on with it!

Real is only the persistence
That’s the base of all subsistence,
Precision, perseverance and patience
Through which, are built Nations;
And the job you love more than vacations,
Just keep pushing on with it!

– Dr. H.R.

…. And before I go to bed at almost 2 AM now, today’s motivational prescription from Dr. Herbz –

If you can't find a way, create one!

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