Wide Awake while the World Sleeps? 3 Instant Sure-shot Remedies for Sleeplessness

Reading on a computer/phone screen takes the worst toll on sleepless eyes. So, without any preface, we plunge head-on into the subject matter.

The pic is funny, but insomnia is not.

Recipe #1 – The Ayurvedic sedative formula.

Ideal for – mentally and physically stressed people.

Ingredients –
(Get powders of these from any herbal shop)

1 tsp. Ashwagandha (Withania somnifera)
1/2 tsp. Gokshur (Tribulus terrestris)
1/2 tsp. Yashti – Indian licorice (Glycyrriza glabra)
2 tsp. sugar (optional, only for taste)
1 and 1/2 cup of drinking water.

Procedure –
Add the powders to the water and boil on medium heat, stirring every now and then, until only 1 cup is left. Drink hot or cold as you like.

How it works –
Ashwagandha is the sedative and main ingredient here. Its botanical name itself speaks for it (Somnifera means ‘inducing sleep’ in Latin). Gokshur is a diuretic that flushes your bladder and consequently rids the bloodstream of waste metabolites through the urinary filtration. Yashti makes sure your airways and eyes remain hydrated even after voiding the urine. You will have an urgent urine call in few minutes of drinking this tea. It means that the effect is setting in, and you can go to sleep feeling lighter with an empty bladder.

Tips –
– If you use chunks instead of powders, use 2 cups water and boil down to leave 1 cup.
– Do not use regularly for more than a month. It isn’t addictive, but the body get adopted to it and the efficacy diminishes with prolonged use.
– This is more of a sedative and less of a tranquilizer, and is a safe remedy for repeated use. Also good for depression and age-related cognitive disorders.
– If you can’t get the other two, even Ashwagandha alone can do.

Recipe #2 – The easiest and tastiest one.

Nutmeg (left) and Cardamom (right).

Ideal for – Habitual insomniacs.

Ingredients –
1 cup milk (preferably buffalo milk)
Pinchful of nutmeg powder
Seeds from 1 green cardamom pod – crushed
Sugar, as you like it

Procedure –
Nothing different than the way you make regular tea.

How it works –
Nutmeg is the tranquilizing ingredient. Cardamom works by balancing the pH and electrolytes, giving mild diuretic action and ‘cooling off’ your systems to give a feeling of wellness.

Tips –
– This recipe is also a mild aphrodisiac of sorts.
– Any milk may serve the purpose, but Ayurveda prescribes buffalo milk as the best sleep inducer.

Recipe #3 – The tranquilizer-cum-painkiller.

Ideal for – Those sleepless due to pain, or in an utterly hopeless episode of insomnia.

Ingredients –
1/2 tsp. white poppy seeds
5 to 10 black currants
1 cup milk
Sugar, as you like it

Procedure –
Mix. Boil. Drink. (Yes, it’s that straight.)

How it works –
Poppy seeds contain opioid painkillers in safe quantities, that also induce sleep. As in the earlier recipes, currant is the adjunct that performs the primary as well as many supportive functions.

Precautions –
– Being opioid in nature, this recipe can create dependence. So avoid prolonged use.
– Drug abuse rehabs, pregnant women and cardiac patients should consult a practitioner before using this.
– Consuming poppy seeds gives false positive on dope tests. So, sportspersons and air travellers, this remedy is not for you.
Do NOT overdose on this one. Reduce dose appropriately for children, as usual.
– Opiate sensitive people might experience some temporary effects like unusual pupillary response and heightened libido, though there’s nothing worrying about it.

So, pick your choice, doze off into a sound sleep, but don’t forget to like this article on waking up!
Stay Healthy, Stay Happy!


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