Off-Beat Post: Some Medical Humor

Laughter is the best medicine, they say. So here’s a small dose of funny internet humor and quotes, with a medical flavour.

(But first, a disclaimer: All the images below are popular internet jokes taken from various public sources. None of these are intended to hurt anybody’s feelings in any way. If you still find any of these objectionable, please convey so and we will remove them immediately if your reason is legitimate. Our lawyers are happy now, and cured of their paranoid insomnia, we hope 😉 😀 )

And, off we go …

We start with an epic psychometric test.


Then a hilarious explanation in physiology.


This is one fool-proof way of remembering medical terminology.


Cold and youngsters – the strained relationship since time immemorial. (My Mom laughed till her stomach ached, when she read this. Was a regular event in our home during my high school days.)


Some people have such a great knack at presenting everything nicely.

A promise is a promise, no matter what. This guy takes it to a whole new level!

What a signboard! I need one such in my office.

Some diet advice from Garfield the cat.

Another amusing signboard. What can I say, ughh, thanks for the warning.

A very dedicated board for a psych department.

This guy has a very mediocre sense of marketing.

A very very perfect definition. No need of a clinical trial to prove it.

Looks like this guy learnt only the most unwanted things in his chemistry class.

This is why doctors use only scientific terms while speaking.

More dietetics wisdom …

This guy had the most noble sense of sarcastic humour in slamming back a prankster.

And lastly, if you really need it, another dumb disclaimer: Any of the facts stated in any of the above jokes may or may not have any reallife/scientific validity. They are there for your humour and entertainment only!

So that was all for today!
Hope you all got your funny bones tickled enough to get a beaming smile on your face all day.

See you again,
Till then,

Stay healthy, stay happy!

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