Off-beat Post: My New Poem: “Phantom”

Dedicated to all those who don’t get even the anonymous star-on-the-wall they deserve, and to the ones who nevertheless carry their legacy on, on their own –



You died,
I cried.
My heart still sobs
Though the eyes have dried.
But the world?
Just on it went,
As though it had
Nothing to repent.
Which fed the spark
That was but gone
Forever into dark,
With fuel to go on.
So ere I returned
To the World so shameless,
With a stone of a heart
And identity nameless.

In shadows, now I dwell
And watch the tide’s swell
For, an eye on them, I keep
And whenever the time is rip,
I tear apart whatever demons
That come into my grip.
I can’t get you justice
I’m too weak still;
But by and by, someday,
One day, surely, I will.
And if the reaper comes early,
Him even I shall kill;
For I have become a Phantom
Who no more feels a pain
Whose only purpose left
Is to ensure “never again”.
And they may have killed your body;
but hollow is their glee,
For you are the flame of truth,
And you still live inside me.

– Dr. H.



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