Poem – “A Small Reminder”

Just like good health, motivation too, can use some good supplements from time to time. So we recommend a healthy dose of motivation every now and then to keep the spirits of the readers up and gunning. Here’s a small poem that I composed the other day as a reminder to myself.

Read and enjoy –

A Small Reminder

Don’t ever, ever let
Small people convince you,
That the dreams you see
Are too big to be true.

Don’t ever, ever let
The World’s temptations corrupt you,
For life is a walk along precipices;
Keeping balance is the truest virtue.

Don’t ever, ever let
A worthy cause go wanting by you.
Do for the world the best you can,
And the best will come back to you.

Don’t ever, ever let
The demons of fear get you,
For only those who believe they can,
Are the ones who ultimately do.


Stay motivated in all walks of life, folks.

Stay Healthy, stay Happy!

Copyrights reserved, 2016 with the Author


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