DIY: All-in-one homemade remedy for all kinds of digestion troubles.

Excessive burping? Anorexia? Gas trouble? Nausea? Indigestion? Bloating? Rumbling tummy after meals? This one is just for you!

​Shockingly, with all the awareness about diet and nutrition, a large percentage of patients visiting general practitioners still comprise of those having indigestion and related complaints. Honestly, in my opinion, doctors should be visited only for serious troubles. So today we share a cool Do-It-Yourself homemade medicine that can pacify your tumultuous tummy within minutes, and spare that unwarranted visit to the GP at odd hours. What’s more? It’s tasty like curry!! So off we go:
Ingredients: (see tips below)

  1. Shunthi (cured dried ginger) 8 parts.
  2. Pippali (Long pepper) 8 parts.
  3. Marich (Black pepper) 8 parts.
  4. Ajmoda (Celery seed) 8 parts.
  5. Saindhav (Himalayan rock salt/pink salt) 8 parts.
  6. Shwet jeerak (Indian/white cumin) 8 parts.
  7. Krishna jeerak (Persian/black cumin) 8 parts.
  8. Shuddh Hingu (Asafoetida roasted well in Ghee) 1 part.

              Tips for procuring ingredients:

              • The first three ingredients are available in combined form as Trikatu powder in Ayurveda shops.
              • Ordinary rock salt may be used if you can’t get Himalayan salt at all.
              • White Cumins are brown in colour, not white, just in case.
              • ‘What is this Ghee thing?’, it is nothing but molten plain butter.
              • Roasting Asafoetida first in ghee is very important to alleviate its toxic property. Roast powdered asafoetida well in a frypan on medium heat till brick red in color.


                        • Grind each ingredient separately into fine powder. 
                        • Sieve off, and mix everything. 
                        • Again grind for some time to make homogeneous mixture. Don’t ignore this step. No matter how improbable it seems the mixture won’t be truly homogeneous till you do this.
                        • Store in a dry tight-leaded container. Your tummy med is now ready!

                              How to take:

                              • Time: With first morsel of meal.
                              • Dose: Half to one teaspoonful for an adult, depending on intensity of symptoms.
                              • Frequency: not more than thrice a day.
                              • Carrier: Ideally with warm water.Cool water may also do if warm water is not available. People who are sensitive to asafoetida should use ghee as carrier.
                              • Duration: as long as symptoms persist. Not more than a month at one go, however.


                                    • People having gastric ulcers shouldn’t take this med.
                                    • It contains salt, so people with hypertension (high B.P.) should take it in moderation.
                                    • Those suffering from acid peptic disease should use half dosage with ghee as carrier.
                                    • It is safe for use during pregnancy and lactation.

                                          Recipe variants:

                                          Some propose using 8 parts asafoetida, but that can be advisable only for people not sensitve to it.
                                          In what conditions to use:

                                          • Indigestion
                                          • Anorexia
                                          • Nausea
                                          • Flatulence
                                          • Bloating
                                          • Gastric reflux (except in ulcer cases)
                                          • Intestinal colic
                                          • Irritable bowel syndrome
                                          • Staphylococcal food poisoning
                                          • Minor diarrhoeas
                                          • GERD (only with prior consultation)

                                          So that’s quite it, folks. Check it out and don’t forget to share your experience in the comments below.

                                          Stay Healthy, stay Happy!!!

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                                          About the Author –

                                          Dr. Harshad Rajandekar is a physician practising integrative and pure Ayurvedic medicine, based out of Nasik, India. His online/personal consultation booking info can be read here.
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