Now Learn Yoga from the Official Authentic Source for Free: AYUSH Ministry releases CYP 2017 eBook

On occasion of the International Day of Yoga today, the Ministry of AYUSH – Govt. of India has released an open source eBook named ‘Common Yoga Protocol 2017’ for learning Yoga.

International Yoga Day 2017 – Common Yoga Protocol 2017 – free eBook Cover

The book illustrates the basic foundations and principles of Yoga, and goes on to describe some of the most popular Yogic exercises in a lucid language. The book has been designed under consultation of several senior Yoga experts across the country, and as the name suggests, is supposed to become a standardized template for future developments in the practice of Yoga. What’s more, after two of my earlier reviews mentioning the lacuna, this time the book has been released in two of the official languages instead of only one, English and Hindi. Looks like the Gov has been reading and taking some serious notes from Dr. Herbz reviews (just joking 😉 ). 
There isn’t much to write really, the thing speaks for itself. Still, here’s my ultra short Dr. Herbz review first, before you download the eBook.

Book Name – 

Common Yoga Protocol 2017

Level – Beginner to Intermediate (A goodreference for the rest of us).
Language – English and Hindi


  • Concise coverage of topics
  • Everything a typical learner needs from Yoga, compiled in one single book
  • Lucid language
  • Focus on practical aspect
  • Standardization of various schools
  • Weightage rightly given to the authentic school, ie, Ashtang Yoga
  • Available in both English and Hindi
  • Open source, free eBook in printable PDF format


    • Asanas, Pranayama exercises and Dhyaan practices not labeled separately in the practical section.
    • Some more technical details would have done no harm in describing complex exercises like Sarvangasan.
    • Nerds like me would have loved to see some modern physiology explained, as we did in Bhramari and Naadi Shodhan @DrHerbz.

    So that’s pretty much it. 

    Here are the download links :

    English Edition

    Hindi Edition

    Download and don’t forget to share with friends too! 

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