Off-beat Post: A poem after a long time

Of late, I’ve been reading up a very interesting subject called jurisprudence, which has in all honesty, brewed up a metaphysical hailstorm in my brain. In addition, it turns out to be the National Poetry Writing Month in the US. So here goes one for both –


(Side note: I would strongly recommend every rational minded person to study at least the basics of jurisprudence, just for expanding the horizons of their thoughts.)


The world is binary, they say –
Yin and Yang, and Bad and Good.
If you don’t brand yourself thus,
Sooner or later, World itself would.

But these concepts, oh the irony,
Are complementary… and relative.
One man’s good is another’s bad;
And you get whatever you give !?!?

Then how in a wacky round world
Can one expect to take a side?
On the fine line between ‘good’ and ‘bad’,
Balanced, I would rather reside.



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3 thoughts on “Off-beat Post: A poem after a long time

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  1. Not bad! Not sure what jurisprudence is and I’m in no state of mind for a metaphysical stare into the abyss but may I say one minor issue with that poem? And I totally understand that it was purposely crafted but I think it’s worth noting.


    1. Interesting comment there. Jurisprudence is to law, what metaphysics is to philosophy – the study of its first principles or building blocks. Perhaps this can illustrate a bit

      I don’t really think that I write anything which is purposely crafted (except for the rhymes, for I believe audible melody is what essentially distinguishes poetry from prose), or targeted at a specific audience, for that purpose. My poetry is mostly open ended in philosophy, because as Socrates says – “I cannot teach anything to anybody, I can only make them think.” Hope that helps.


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