Animal study finds drastic longevity improvement from Triphala and probiotics supplementation

Researchers from the McGill University have found the average lifespan of Drosophila melanogaster (fruit flies) to increase by 60% on supplementation with a mixture of Triphala, an Ayurvedic herbal supplement, and probiotics made from 3 strains of probiotic bacteria from Lactobacillus / Bifidobacterium geni. Not only that, this synbiotic treatment is found to have significant... Continue Reading →

Bad Breath – Causes, Herbal Treatment and Home Remedies

Halitosis, commonly known as "Bad breath" or "Foul breath", is the continuous bad odour of breath originating from a variety of simple-to-serious reasons related to diet and health. The most common and simplest of these can be eating odorous things like onions and poor dental hygiene, whereas the serious ones can include severely aggravated diabetes... Continue Reading →

“Holy Cow!” – the Truth about Gomutra and PanchaGavya Therapy

The last couple of years have seen a boom in interest amongst the Ayurveda community about the medicinal properties of cow urine (Gomutra) and 'PanchaGavya', a mixture of five products derived from cow (cow milk, cow milk's yoghurt, cow ghee, cow urine and cow dung). After all, if a Government that hadn't been funding research... Continue Reading →

Major spice groups & their medicinal applications in food, as described in Ayurveda

One of the distinguishing features of Ayurvedic medicine is that it harnesses the medicinal properties of food to the maximum extent to aid the primary medicines in healing, by way of dietary modifications. Naturally, spices play a major role in Ayurvedic diet. In a country like India known for its curries around the world, even... Continue Reading →

An ‘Ayurvedic’ Man?

Just stumbled across this web exhibit from an archaeological blog post on WordPress.   'The Ayurvedic Man' : image courtesy Wellcome collection. (The image is an anatomical drawing not suited for workplace viewing, so not posting it here directly.)   Source:   The description of this image on the page reads, "Nepalese, ca. 1800... Continue Reading →

The rise of AI and What it can mean for Healthcare globally

Artificial intelligence, often abbreviated as “AI”, is broadly defined as “the science and engineering of making intelligent machines, especially intelligent computer programs". In layman's terms, it is the faculty concerned with making machines that can 'think' for themselves and take decisions independently based on their knowledge and experience, the way humans do. Although a relatively... Continue Reading →

DIY Home remedy: Ayurvedic Herbal Throat Lozenge for cough relief

Winter has stayed longer this year in India, and morning temperatures continue to be low even after 14th Jan in much of the subcontinent. In such weather, if you start feeling troubled by cough, sore throat and hoarse voice, this article is just for you. The below throat lozenge recipe, called "Lavangadi vati" in Ayurveda,... Continue Reading →

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