The Senior Citizens’ Guide to maintaining Good Health – Part I

My homeland, the Republic of India, turned 70 today. If you too have already, or are about to in a few years, or care for someone who is, this is article is just for you! Ageing still remains an unavoidable eventuality even after centuries of scientific advances; but it can definitely be slowed down using... Continue Reading →

New developments in cancer nanomedicine & sense of déjà vu from Swarna bhasma, a medieval Ayurvedic medicine.

A recent research study published in the journal Nanoscale has highlighted how nanoparticles, particles having size in the range of 1 to 100 nanometres (for reference, your average paper sheet is 75,000 nanometres thick) coated with cancer meds can prove a potent drug delivery vehicle for selectively killing only the cancerous cells and sparing normal cells in the... Continue Reading →

Now Learn Yoga from the Official Authentic Source for Free: AYUSH Ministry releases CYP 2017 eBook

On occasion of the International Day of Yoga today, the Ministry of AYUSH - Govt. of India has released an open source eBook named 'Common Yoga Protocol 2017' for learning Yoga. ​ The book illustrates the basic foundations and principles of Yoga, and goes on to describe some of the most popular Yogic exercises in... Continue Reading →

Healthy Homemade Ayurvedic drink for curing Hangover and other Alcoholism symptoms.

In the last article, we saw some interesting scientific facts about alcohol and its effects on health. We had also seen some quick tips for not getting drunk even after drinking alcohol. Today we see the second part, a simple home remedy DIY smoothie for relieving alcoholism and hangover symptoms.   Name - Kharjuradi Manth (literally... Continue Reading →

10 Things about Alcohol and Health, that You Should Know.

A while ago, I had received some reader questions about alcohol and its good/bad effects on health.  So today we summarize the topic from medical point of view. Without much prefacing, let's get on to the list! 1. The Warmth You Feel on Drinking is Misleading. Drinking alcohol causes cutaneous vasodilation (temporary enlargement for blood... Continue Reading →

FSSAI launches Open ebooks about Food Safety, Nutrition and DIY Adulteration Testing

The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has recently published two open source public domain ebooks for citizens, on their official website. ​ The first one, named ‘The Pink Book: Your Guide for Safe and Nutritious Food at Home’, has been developed by countrywide government experts specifically keeping in mind the kitchens in... Continue Reading →

Ayurveda and Yoga in Menopause treatment

Menopausal syndrome is a set of symptoms occurring in women during their late 40s and early 50s due to aggravation of the physiological changes that take place as their period of fertility ends. Menopause is a normal consequence of the ageing process, but some women may find the resultant changes more severe and difficult to... Continue Reading →

How and When Bitter can actually be Better for Health

Bitter is mostly shunned as the most undesirable and ‘toxic’ taste in food, but did you know that, the same bitter also happens to go hands in hands with some of the best medicinal properties in natural foods. So today we see how and when bitter can actually be better for health!   What Ayurveda […]

Defining ‘Health’ Part II: The Ayurvedic Definition

Today we continue from where we left in Part 1, to see how Ayurveda frames an all-round definition of 'Health' comparable to the modern ones we saw in Part 1. (A small disclaimer first, this will be a bit boringly technical article about Ayurveda, as compared to our usual stuff.) ​ Before we delve into pure Ayurveda:... Continue Reading →

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