Another intriguing piece of Ancient Wisdom

Ayurveda is largely seen as a system of medicine and correctly so, but the faculty of knowledge whose name literally means ‘The Science of Life’ has much more to it than only medicine. Whenever one reads the ancient treatises, one is but compelled to delve deeper into the ethical, philosophical and esoteric aspect that they... Continue Reading →

Defining ‘Health’ Part II: The Ayurvedic Definition

Today we continue from where we left in Part 1, to see how Ayurveda frames an all-round definition of 'Health' comparable to the modern ones we saw in Part 1. (A small disclaimer first, this will be a bit boringly technical article about Ayurveda, as compared to our usual stuff.) ​ Before we delve into pure Ayurveda:... Continue Reading →

Some interesting facts about India you probably didn’t know: An Independence Day Special

As the clock rings midnight between 14th and 15th of August, it will the 70th birthday of the Sovereign Socialist Secular Democratic Republic of India (that's its official name), my home country, and its twin, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan (though, just for the sake looking different, Pakistanis celebrate it on 14th August instead of... Continue Reading →

Did You Know #5 : The Simple Clinical Test that beats CT and MRI in Accuracy

The last few decades have seen dramatic increase in diagnosis accuracy and speed with the advent of modern radiology techniques like MRI, CT Scan and PET Scan. However, even today there are cases where simple common sense not only suffices, but even beats the hi-tech modern methods in diagnosis accuracy and costs. Here's one such... Continue Reading →

Did You Know #4: What Your Nails Tell about Your Health

Ever wondered why doctors check your nails every time you visit them? No, its NOT just about blood deficiencies or personal hygiene. Nails can actually tell a lot about a person's good or bad health! Want to know? Read on! SHAPE AND CONTOUR 1. Frequently cracking, brittle nails. These can be caused by several wrong... Continue Reading →

Did You Know #3: The Plant that is a Natural Stethoscope + How to make a Steth at Home

Stethoscopes are COOL! Doctors love their stethoscopes as an elephant loves its trunk (Okay, I am bad at comparisons). In fact, everybody loves Steths and has played doctor with a toy steth at least once in their childhood. Officially, the first Stethoscope was invented in year 1816 by a French physician named René Laennec. But... Continue Reading →

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