Obesity, Thinness, Body Mass Index and the Ayurveda Perspective to Measurement

How do you know that you are overweight and not naturally chubby, or abnormally skinny and not just naturally slender-framed? The typical answers that I get from patients are - "By looking in the mirror?" "Because I can't touch my toes with fingers?" "Because I 'mind the gap!'" ("What?") "Because some dumb kids at school/college... Continue Reading →

The 2 Minute Stress Buster Exercise that cleanses the head physically too!

Earlier, we talked about how breathing techniques can be used to increase longevity. Today we will see the most popular use of breathing techniques - to reduce stress and regulate ventilation. Pranayam, a wonderful branch of Yoga, deals mainly with breathing techniques, that have medical applications ranging from headaches to even kidney stones! But today... Continue Reading →

The Curious Connection between Breath rate and Longevity

Have you ever considered the possibility, that even the way you breath could increase/decrease the number of years you will live? Never even touched the mind? Then it's time to read this! For decades, scientists have pondered over a peculiar characteristic of mammals, and vertebrates to certain extent - the slower they breath, the longer... Continue Reading →

8 amazingly simple neglected points on How to make the most of what you eat

Eating is inarguably the most primary instinct of all living beings. Yet, in the hurry-and-worry of our busy life, we tend to forget some of the basic factors needed to make eating a healthy phenomenon. The internet (and probably your personal library) is flooded with tonnes of advice on what to and what not to... Continue Reading →

The vegetarian diet plan for body-building

Bodybuilding has long been considered a meat-eaters only domain. But vegetarians need not lose heart. With a few tweaks and tricks in your diet, you too can go the extra mile with ease and earn those impressive muscles without compromising on your principles. Eager to know how? Read on. FIRSTLY, KNOW WHAT YOU ARE LAGGING... Continue Reading →

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