What is Ayurveda? A Beginner’s Guide

Just added this post as a permanent static page in the site's menu. Meant for those who are totally new to Ayurveda, and a quick recap for the rest. Click here to read it, and let us know your feedback in the comments box. Stay Healthy, stay Happy!

How do you define ‘Health’? (Part I): The Modern View

Wish you all a Happy and Healthy World Health Day! Last year on this day, I had narrated a funny but educative mythological story related to Ayurveda and Health  This year, I decided to write something more on the educational side for our readers. Ask yourself a question, when you say someone has a good 'health',... Continue Reading →

Demystifying Garbh-sanskar and the legal controversy surrounding it

The Ayurvedic pregnancy-care regimen, called 'Garbh-sanskar', has become the latest fave-word amongst to-be moms of today. It comprises various therapies, dietary/exercise regimes and medications that enable the baby to be concieved and born the healthiest possible and without any complications, while assuring a quick recovery for the mother. However, it has also become subject of... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Misconceptions about Ayurveda Busted

Ever since I started Ayurvedic practice, I repeatedly find that there are more misconceptions floating around about Ayurveda, than there are fanships. So here comes The Top Ten Ayurveda Myth-buster List ... Myth 1. All Ayurvedic drugs contain heavy metals like lead and arsenic. Ayurvedic drugs are classified in two types - Vanaspatij/Aushadhi (herbal) and... Continue Reading →

8 amazingly simple neglected points on How to make the most of what you eat

Eating is inarguably the most primary instinct of all living beings. Yet, in the hurry-and-worry of our busy life, we tend to forget some of the basic factors needed to make eating a healthy phenomenon. The internet (and probably your personal library) is flooded with tonnes of advice on what to and what not to... Continue Reading →

Did you know #1: More than 60% of today’s modern drugs have herbal origin.

Want examples? Read on to see how many of these well-known drugs that you know of, are actually herbal in origin - Atropine The Anticholinergic used in a wide variety of ailments comes from Atropa belladonna plant. Theophylline This preferred Bronchodilator and diuretic drug is the active principle of Theobroma cacao, alongwith Theobromine, another lesser... Continue Reading →

Happy Doctors Day, the Indian way!

Today is 9 November 2015, Dhantrayodashi, the day of the incarnation of Lord Dhanvantari, the Hindu god of health and medicine. He is regarded as the bringer of Amrut, the nectar of immortality; and the physician to the gods. In India, he is worshipped widely as the blessing deity by all medical professionals, traditional and... Continue Reading →

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