Why Broccoli can be the Best Brain Detox Diet Food

In today's world, everything, from the vaccines we are given, to even the air and water we take in, almost everything, unavoidably contains substances that our body can't normally excrete out once taken in. Detox diets focus on flushing out such toxins from your body and neutralising the free radicals that accelerate the aging process.... Continue Reading →

The Technology that is set to make Paralytic Disability a Thing of Past: 6 Things to Know

Researchers and engineers across the world are inching closer everyday towards developing a sci-fi technology that, when it becomes a full-scale reality, can make paralytic locomotor disability a thing of past. The technology, featured in countless science fiction movies till date, is aptly named 'Exoskeleton'. Here's a brief roundup. POWERED BIONIC EXOSKELETON (1) What is... Continue Reading →

Groundbreaking Technique that could help the blind regain sight goes under Human Trials

A new neuroscience technique known as Optogenetics, which scientists believe can restore the functionality of dysfunctional retinal photoreceptors (nerve cells that sense light to impart vision) in the eye, is going under its first trials on humans. Why is it significant? Because till today, there is no known cure for blindness caused by damage to... Continue Reading →

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