The Senior Citizens’ Guide to maintaining Good Health – Part I

My homeland, the Republic of India, turned 70 today. If you too have already, or are about to in a few years, or care for someone who is, this is article is just for you! Ageing still remains an unavoidable eventuality even after centuries of scientific advances; but it can definitely be slowed down using... Continue Reading →

What Exactly Are Generic Drugs, their Pros and Cons: A Short Primer

With the PM's recent hinting about making generic drugs prescription compulsory for all doctors in near future, I thought of doing a small primer for our Indian readers today, to shed some light on what exactly generic drugs are, and what are the pros / cons of using them. Branded vs. Generic drugs What do... Continue Reading →

Finding True Meaning in Life – An intriguing piece of Ancient Wisdom

As most of our readers already know, 'Ayurveda' means 'The Science of Life'. Naturally, though its major application is in heath and medicine, it encompasses knowledge about almost every aspect of life, even philosophy and metaphysics. Here's one such jewel of a life advice. स्वधर्मे स्थिरता स्थैर्यं, धर्ममिन्द्रियनिग्रहः । स्नानं मनोमलत्यागो, दानं वै भूतरक्षणम् ।।... Continue Reading →

11 Ways to Cut Down on Your Med Bills without Insurance and Social Security

Healthcare can be a serious wallet-trimmer sometimes, especially in emergencies, if you are not insured or covered. Yet, many people do manage things quite well, with just a few simple tricks and techniques at hand. Here are the top eleven things that anyone can adopt to cut down their healthcare costs significantly - 1. Know... Continue Reading →

Top Ten Misconceptions about Ayurveda Busted

Ever since I started Ayurvedic practice, I repeatedly find that there are more misconceptions floating around about Ayurveda, than there are fanships. So here comes The Top Ten Ayurveda Myth-buster List ... Myth 1. All Ayurvedic drugs contain heavy metals like lead and arsenic. Ayurvedic drugs are classified in two types - Vanaspatij/Aushadhi (herbal) and... Continue Reading →

8 amazingly simple neglected points on How to make the most of what you eat

Eating is inarguably the most primary instinct of all living beings. Yet, in the hurry-and-worry of our busy life, we tend to forget some of the basic factors needed to make eating a healthy phenomenon. The internet (and probably your personal library) is flooded with tonnes of advice on what to and what not to... Continue Reading →

Did you know #1: More than 60% of today’s modern drugs have herbal origin.

Want examples? Read on to see how many of these well-known drugs that you know of, are actually herbal in origin - Atropine The Anticholinergic used in a wide variety of ailments comes from Atropa belladonna plant. Theophylline This preferred Bronchodilator and diuretic drug is the active principle of Theobroma cacao, alongwith Theobromine, another lesser... Continue Reading →

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