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Gadaantak‘ in Sanskrit, means ‘The Ender of all Illness’, and is a eulogy used for referring to the Ashwinikumars, surgeons to the gods. At Gadaantak Clinic, we believe in combining the best of Ayurveda and modern science to deliver optimally personalized, result-oriented and affordable healthcare to all patients, without the side-effects of conventional treatments and complexity of purely traditional treatments. We also offer pure traditional Ayurvedic treatments and holistic wellness therapies as per patient’s preferences.

Click here to view the photo gallery and driving directions to the consultation clinic.

We also provide a variety of Ayurvedic detox and minor surgical treatments. Click here to know more about various detox and other treatments offered.

We also provide online consultations with prior appointment. Know more details at the consulting page here​.

We look forward to serve our motto to the fullest in practice –

स्वास्थ्यरक्षणाय गदनिग्रहणाय च।

(“For protecting health, and banishing illness.”)

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